I come in peace

Gazillions of blogs, thousands of tweets per second, hours upon hours of video uploaded every day. So what will make these scribbles worth spending time with? Probably nothing, but hopefully something. I will use this blog as an exhaust valve to blurt out my frustrations and exhilarations, laughs and tears, successes and failures in the digital world. As an Internet native and a digital marketer I just might come up with stuff that someone out there will find amusing. Or awkward enough to eyeball through.

So expect nothing. Read with caution. Don’t be offended. I come in peace.

These are my adventures in a digital world.


ps. I write in bad English, because I can’t stand the horrific anglicisms the digital revolution has spawned. So bare with me.


One thought on “I come in peace

  1. i enjoyed reading this first post. honestly, i did.

    wanting to start a blog and dont know how to write the first post.

    piss, er, peace.

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