Social spammers

There are many kinds of social spammers: drunken posters, transcripters, account linkers, attention whores and check-inners to name a few. I think you know what I’m talking about, my theory is that each of us follows enough of them to have our feeds ruined regularly. Block them you say? Unfollow them? You can’t, they self-replicate (the nerd in me would also love to write that “they have a plan”, but I really think they don’t), I’ve noticed that for everyone you block or unfollow, another one steps up.

It’s not too hard to ignore the music video posters every Friday, but the most corrupt ones have merged several social spammer personalities to create an intricate feeding system where each post they make spreads like a virus in the social sphere. The Foursquare disease is by far the worst:

LinkedIn – James: I’m at Kamppi shopping center
Twitter – James : I’m at Kamppi shopping center
Facebook – James: I’m at Kamppi shopping center

And it goes on and on and on and on…

James: I’m at Kamppi – I’m at tram 3T – I’m at MacDonalds – I’m at random bar – I’m at second hand market – I’m at bus 192 HSL – I’m at the office – I’m at I DON’T CAREEEEE!

And it doesn’t end, ever.

What’s really killing me is that some of these people are in the business. Their bio might read “social media entrepreneur” or similar, who the frak are you kidding? Seriously, geeeez.

I am an account linker myself, guilty as charged. But I only push my tweets to Facebook because I’ve all but stopped posting on FB. And we wouldn’t want any of you to miss my content would we.

What’s that, do I hear crying?

Responsible web design

Globalization has been the favourite archvillain for concerned city hippies for decades. Be it t-shirts, gadgets or food, it’s not cool to have it produced overseas with underpaid labour or other sorts of evilness. So hippies, meet fairtradeorganichyperlocalnoanimalsharmedproducts. Now you can choose how to best ease your conscience! But what about the Internet?

It’s no secret that agencies do a lot of outsourcing to e.g. asian coding factories, the agency seniors plan the architecture and then it’s up to Code4Cheap to type in the rest. And I want to stress this: there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as the quality is good. But perhaps we should have alternatives for digital hippies, perhaps we need digital certificates for responsible Internet!

Imagine the voice of your conscience finally going silent when you browse the web. – Hyper local design, coded in Atlanta GA, USA – Organic web browsing, this site is hosted with biofuel – 100% =), this web site was coded by happy coders – Fair laboured web, this web site was not coded over weekends

Interested? Can you draw artsy logos? Contact me on Twitter!