Unwarranted Optimism? – Marketing in 2016

In the first assignment (and the last blog post I published) of my Master’s studies I wrote ‘Quit the bullshit’ as one of the marketing trends of 2014. According to my unscientific observations, in the past two years the marketing narrative has slowly been shifting towards quality over quantity. Marketers are beginning to understand data, copywriting seems to be valued again, and creating a new campaign site is no longer a go-to answer to every brief.

The only thing that continues to cause empty buzz is the constant stream of new social media services, but it feels like proper agencies don’t jump on the bandwagon quite so easily anymore. Marketing should be about the content, the message, but not the media. People use social media for reciprocity, self-efficacy, and quick dopamine rushes. Whatever your brand does, it’s interrupting the viewer, so make sure the content is worth it.

I tip my hat to Valio for their quality and consistency. The ad below is already ancient but oh well.

PS. My Master’s studies distracted me from writing the blog for a whopping 1,5 years. Apologies for that.

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