Copywriting vs. copyerasing

Writing good copy is as much writing as it is erasing.

The why : Time is money and attention is expensive. If your text babbles on and on, you’ll lose both. Conciseness is also aesthetic, and short lines pack a punch.

The how : Know what you’re writing about, write it – then delete most of it. Do your research, stick to the facts, and concentrate on the flow.

In this time of excess info, businesses (and consumers) are left struggling for space. If you find some, please don’t be a waste of it.


5 Steps on the Road to Creativity

Well of course you will not get too far on any road with only 5 steps. But a start is a start.

1. Know your goal/direction
Ok, so you want to create something, surely you know what you are creating it FOR.

2. Support your memory
Write/draw/record all ideas and thoughts on your way to creative mastery. You can use the freed brain capacity for thinking the unthought. Invest in pencils, notebooks, software, recorders etc.

3. Move, take breaks & sleep
When you are aiming for breakthroughs, remember to listen to your body. Nothing activates brains like a long walk or 8 hours of sleep.

4. Jam with others
Ideas need air, so let them out for a spin from time to time. Most of the time your ideas come back all grown up and ready for final tweaks.

5. Iterate
Even if it’s inked, it doesn’t mean you’re there yet, there’s always room on the next page. Submit your darlings to change, double check your goals, read through your notes, sleep on it, and expose your creation to wider critique.Follow these easy steps and you’ll be writing haiku in no time.