Responsible web design

Globalization has been the favourite archvillain for concerned city hippies for decades. Be it t-shirts, gadgets or food, it’s not cool to have it produced overseas with underpaid labour or other sorts of evilness. So hippies, meet fairtradeorganichyperlocalnoanimalsharmedproducts. Now you can choose how to best ease your conscience! But what about the Internet?

It’s no secret that agencies do a lot of outsourcing to e.g. asian coding factories, the agency seniors plan the architecture and then it’s up to Code4Cheap to type in the rest. And I want to stress this: there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as the quality is good. But perhaps we should have alternatives for digital hippies, perhaps we need digital certificates for responsible Internet!

Imagine the voice of your conscience finally going silent when you browse the web. – Hyper local design, coded in Atlanta GA, USA – Organic web browsing, this site is hosted with biofuel – 100% =), this web site was coded by happy coders – Fair laboured web, this web site was not coded over weekends

Interested? Can you draw artsy logos? Contact me on Twitter!


One thought on “Responsible web design

  1. I’m for keeping things as local as possible – even if the yare more expensive.

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